Name that bug?

15 April 2008

Happy Birthday, David!

This odd-looking, and somewhat intimidating caterpillar (and another just like it) were on our back patio today.  I was intrigued, but unwilling to touch, based on horror stories of stinging spiny caterpillars.  I miss the northeast where the fuzzy caterpillars are black and orange and really cute and really harmless!

After last spring’s hellish experience with tent caterpillars, I’m very wary of these guys, and I’d love it if anyone out there can tell me what they are.  I’ve searched online, googled, pored through images and websites, and even perused a great site called What’ and cannot come up with anything like this.  I intend to write to those folks and see if they can help.

I went to my first dance class in three months.  Ouch!