Lake Michigan, Racine, Wisconsin

3 August 2007

Day Thirty-one at Bristol

We are enjoying a wonderful day of relaxation—a rare and beautiful thing.  Kyle and I talk much about someday moving to this part of the world where we could enjoy all four seasons of the year!  We walked today, from Kelly and Joseph’s house in the Southside Historic District, the mile or so into downtown Racine.  There we had lunch at one of our favourite places in town, Ivanhoe’s.  From there, we walked back toward home by way of a great little Irish pub called Shilling’s.  We popped into a couple of the charming stores along the way, and enjoyed taking a few photos near the lake.  Tonight, we’re planning a visit to a great little local brewery called Lakefront Brewery, where we’ll do their tour, followed by a Friday Fish Fry!  Then, I’m afraid it’ll be back to faire for us . . . I have a bunch of work to do to be ready for the weekend.