26 July 2007
Recently I read somewhere that there are two types of people in the world. There are “Rounders” and there are “Aggregators.” I don’t recall where I read the article, so I can’t give proper credit, sadly; but the concept is so very simple. Everyone has problems, it’s how you deal with those problems that define what type of person you are. If you look at a small problem and say, “nah, that’s a tiny problem, no worries mate,” then you are a “Rounder.” If however, you look at that same problem and say to yourself, “great, just what I need another problem to screw up my life,” then you are definitely an “Aggregator.” I’ve always been an “Aggregator.” My wife is a “Rounder.” I, too, will be a “Rounder” someday, for it seems to me a much happier, healthier way to live. I laid all this out, because she and I had a row (what the hell’s a row?) on the 26th about calories. She mentioned something about caloric intake and I, in typical “Aggregator” fashion, turned it into a much bigger problem than it was. Much bigger. It bothered me all day long that I had reacted to such a simple issue in such an irrational manner. So as I was sitting in a fast-food line on my way home, I took this photo:
Looking Up
…and I thought, “wow, that was a tiny problem and I turned it into something huge. I shouldn’t do that. And I really should watch my caloric intake.” I left the fast-food line and went home where I had a practically tasteless, but low in calories, Healthy Choice meal. Not quite sure why “healthy food” has to equate to “yucky food” but I suppose it does. And since I’d rather be here to celebrate my 50th anniversary with my wife (our 12th is a week from this upcoming Sunday), I suppose “yucky food” is it.

~KR (26 July 2007)

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