23 July 2007
Typical Monday after work drive, especially this year. Thunderstorms brewing in the distance, occasional drops on the windscreen and I’m just making the drive home. With Marita Beth gone, I have no great desire to head home on any given day, but at least I do have the company of two dogs and a wizard by the name of Potter.

This photo was taken at the corner of Trinity & Mosier Valley and is of the relatively newly erected gazebo near “Our Garden of Angels.” It overlooks the Arlington Bottom (a 50-year flood plain) and onto the city of Ft. Worth. On clear days, you can see the attractive Ft. Worth city skyline; on this day, not so much. I wanted this photo to better than it is, but if you don’t look too closely you can almost pretend that I got the shot I wanted.

~KR (23 July 2007)

Listening to:
What She’s Doing Now by Garth Brooks
on Ropin’ the Wind