22 July 2007
Sundays are made for football (with apologies to The Beautiful Game ).
We played the Jayhawks on Wednesday (I believe I wrote about it) where we lost 1-nil. Today we got to play them again. Due to all the rain we’ve had, the season has been elongated and they’ve stacked several games on top of each other in order to accommodate the full schedule. I never look forward to playing them. They’re poor winners, they’re poor losers, they’re poor sports in general. At least they always have been. This game was a little different. They were missing several key players, and I guess it’s those players that were the whiners because, with one noteable exception, there wasn’t a whole lot of complaining going on (that I heard). We were, once again, shy on substitutes so I played most of the match, but during one brief spell on the sideline I took some photos. I liked this one best:
Leaving the Pitch
It shows just how large a field can be and how empty some pockets on the pitch are when they get abandoned. This is centre-pitch and should be full of players. We won the game 2-nil with yours truly getting the winning goal (it’s a rarity these days, sadly).

~KR (22 July 2007)

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