Empty Spiral

2 June 2007

As I was headed to Dallas today, to take advantage of a pretty major fabric sale, I passed the Six Flags-owned water park, Hurricane Harbor.  It was a lovely day, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but there were multitudes of people, lined up like cattle—that is if cattle could carry giant orange and yellow inner tubes—all waiting to slide or ride or whatever it is people do there.  It struck me that although I myself am inclined to never visit such a place, the bright colours of all the interesting architecture, and the throngs of water-logged patrons carrying matching flotation devices, would make for some interesting photography.  I told myself I’d stop on the way home, and shoot some pictures from the roads bordering the park.

After shopping, finding a new fabric store (a rare and beautiful thing for me) and shopping some more, I  headed home to my sick husband.  As I neared the water park, my shutter-finger twitching, I realized my additional stop had delayed me enough that the park was already closed.  The people were gone and the multitudes of giant inner tubes packed away for the night.  Determined to shoot today’s photo somewhere—anywhere—other than at home, I decided to pull over and find a worthy subject, even without the people.